The Underground Freestyle Olympics:
An Awesmic Blueprint

In collaboration with Awesmic City Austin Texas, LLC, Casa de Luz, and our brothers, IncrediCrew, B*Tru Arts bring you The Underground Freestyle Olympics: An Awesmic Blueprint!

The Underground Freestyle Olympics are meant to break down barriers, bring communities together and highlight the uniqueness of Austin and the four elements of hip-hop to create an environment for peace, love, unity, and safely having fun.

This is a FREESTYLE BATTLE so all styles are welcome from JAZZ and CONTEMPORARY to BREAKDANCE and VOGUE.

Come to own the dance floor.

Come to be judged.

Come to inspire.

Come to conquer.

Register to compete and to be crowned the Underground Freestyle Olympian below! 


For those who wants to witness art in the making, RSVP on our event Facebook page!