Our Team

Aisha Melhem
Founder/Artistic Director 

Aisha Melhem is a native Austinite who always had a passion for the performing arts. She is trained in several styles of dance, theatre and voice. Growing up Aisha loved to perform, play teacher, direct and create original performances with her friends and family. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre with an emphasis in acting with honors in 2008 from St. Edward's University, Austin, Texas and a Master of Arts in Theatre with an emphasis in directing from Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas 2010. She is the Artistic Director and Founder of B*Tru Arts, a multi-faceted nonprofit company. B*Tru Arts is a multicultural organization which focuses on using the arts for the betterment of the community. It has produced an annual event, Inspiro Fest, providing a venue for performing artists from all mediums. The Academy, a division of B*Tru Arts, offers professional training in acting, dance, playwriting and film. Aisha has developed acting and dance curricula and teaches all aspects of theatre to elementary through high school students. She is a resident artist at The Vortex in Austin, TX and has been featured in several productions, winning several awards for her performances, including Sing Muse! as Terpischore, Muse of Dance which won a B. Iden Payne Award for Outstanding Cast Performance 2013. In the summer of 2012, Aisha appeared in the 63rd year run of Unto These Hills as Anecie and Meli in the world premiere of Cherokee Family Reunion at the Mountainside Theater in Cherokee, North Carolina. Some of Aisha’s achievements include: being featured in several music videos, short films and live theatrical productions; producing, choreographing, and directing music videos, short and feature films and live theatre performances, winning awards for both performances and directing. Some of her film and theatre directing credits include: B*Tru Arts’ experimental dance film Solace Is (’15),  The Vortex Summer Youth Theatre: An Enemy of the People (’14), B*Tru Arts' full feature docu-drama Run Away Night (’12), and doc-experimental short Delusions of Despair in which she is also featured ('13), She directed Flaky Lips ('12) and An Actor's Nightmare ('11) while she was the director/teaching artist for the San Juan Diego High School Drama Club in Austin, TX., and Terminal at Texas State University ('09) as her final thesis. Aisha continues to serve as an actor, director, choreographer, collaborator, creative force and educator. For more information about Aisha, visit her website at aisharose.com 

                                     Heidi Little
                      Performing Arts/Music Instructor 

Heidi Little has energetically united with a youthful, diverse, and dedicated fan-base throughout all parts of the globe. Since getting her start 15 years ago performing "Live" with a studio audience for CBC Radio, in night clubs, and performing for royalty in her birth city of Regina, Sask, Canada, Little has brought her positive message, soulful rock, and cross genre folk-pop sound to rapt audience across North America. Her song 'No More War' lasted 14+ months on the IAC charts at #1 in Rock and all genres, 'Shine' went coast to coast, and 'The Way' (first song she ever wrote) ran 3 years in the top 10 on Number 1 Music/Our Stage/My Stage. Little is a dedicated mother, with a love for social activism and philanthropic efforts towards environmental issues, educational facility's, and social advocacy for youth and families. 


Lilly Ruiz
Film Instructor

Filmmaking has been one of Lilly's passions from the minute she started watching movies. She always knew she wanted to be a filmmaker. When she was younger, the ultimate thing she thought one could make in this world was a movie. Growing up, this love for movies translated into getting her hands involved in as many creative aspects of film as she could. She was involved in costuming, design, performance and more. During her high school years, Lilly attended two programs offered by the New York Film Academy, getting some real filmmaking experience for the first time. Lilly is a recent graduate from film school, and has worked on several feature movie sets and a plethora of short films, as well as an internship at Walt Disney World for costuming. Lilly is also an avid dancer, and incorporates dance into her films. Lilly loves to create and tell stories, and is passionate about sharing her love for film with others. 

Roman Morgan
Dance Instructor 

Roman Christian Morgan is a aeaching Artist with Forklift Danceworks, Dance Another World and Leap of Joy. He began his dance training at Austin Community College and soon earned his BFA in Dance from Texas State University where he was a member of Merge Dance and Opening Door Dance Company. Roman has also studied Music and Theatre with faculty and guest artists at Tarleton State University and Baylor University on scholarship. Roman is the recipient of the Joan Hays, Opening Door Dance Theatre, Austin Community College Fine Arts, and Galaxy Dance Studio Scholarships. He has performed with Sally Jaques' Blue Lapis Light, Allison Orr Forklift Danceworks, Charles Anderson, Kate Warren and in works by Darla Johnson. Roman was a full-time company member with the award-winning Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Company from 2012-2016. Roman is currently a Learning Assistant/Substitute Teacher for Austin Community College in the Office of Students with Disabilities and Fine Arts Program. Roman has been the resident co-choreographer for Austin Community College Summer Dance Showcase since 2010 under the mentorship of Darla Johnson. Roman has taught and choreographed Dance for Bowie High School, American College Dance Festival, and privately. Roman enjoys exploring dance with novice to professional dancers, musicians and actors in the community.

Emma Martin
Film Instructor

Emma Martin is a junior at the University of Texas at Austin studying Radio-Television-Film. Her passion for film was sparked in high school after taking several video communication classes. Her particular interests in the field include documentary storytelling as well as audio production and editing. She has experience volunteering and working with several non-profit  film companies and festivals such as Aspen Film, Fiege Films and Austin Film Festival.

                                         Nora Melhem
                               Dance/Acting Instructor

Nora Melhem is currently a college student who has been involved in the arts for the past eight years. Nora has worked as an actress, amateur playwright, and an aspiring filmmaker. Nora assists with the public relations, playwriting, teaching and stage managing for B*Tru Arts. 

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Joseph Blunt
Academy Hip Hop Dance Instructor

Joseph "Bass Monstar" Blunt is a 24-year-old dancer from Detroit who moved to Austin to start a street performing dance crew. After an internship at Disney World in 2012, he chose to explore his options as a dancer. He moved to Austin and plunged into the battle scene, which led to his first paying gig. He made the life-changing decision to be a full-time street performer. He formed his dance crew, IncrediCrew, an Austin based street performing dance crew, in the summer of 2014. IncrediCrew was created to focus on spreading the joy of dance and teaching their dance style all over the world. Their motto is "Everyone can be a hero, even you!" which is to say that everyone can help make someone's day a little brighter even with just a simple smile or as extravagant as a dance move. Their ultimate goal is to build a traveling circus of dancers like themselves to have a stage outside of the major media productions (SYTYCD, America's Got Talent, etc.) to pursue their dreams. They say it’s a dream worth chasing and in their pursuit they will continue to inspire others to be heroes.



Jahvat' Martello. Boyd-Walker
Academy Hip Hop Dance Instructor

Jahvat' Martello. Boyd-Walker, also known as "GrandMaster Bugzy," is a 24-year-old dancer from Detroit, MI. He moved to Austin in 2013 and plunged into the battle scene with his brother, GrandMaster Bass. This led to his first paying gig with their first crew created in Austin, better known as SIN (Strength in Numbers) with just four members. He made the life-changing decision to be a part-time to full-time street performer. Their numbers got bigger, so he and his crew formed a new name for their dance crew, IncrediCrew, an Austin-based street-performing dance crew in the summer of 2014. IncrediCrew was created to focus on spreading the joy of dance and communicating through body language as well as teaching their dance style all over the world. Their motto is "Everyone can be a Hero, even you!" which is to say that everyone can help make someone's day a little brighter even with just a simple smile or as extravagant and smooth as a dance move. Their ultimate goal is to spread the culture of hip hop and promote peace, love, unity and safely having fun. However, for the future, the other plan is to build a traveling circus of dancers like themselves with a stage and travel the world, maybe even go outside of the major media productions (SYTYCD, WOD, America's Got Talent, etc.). They focus on making a pathway for the future youth (Kings and Queens) to pursue their dreams on "I think, therefore I am, but only when the mind is silent, I am." They say it's a dream worth chasing and in their pursuit they will continue to inspire others to be a hero.


Sung Jai Lee
Voice and Songwriting Instructor

Graduating in May, Sung Jai Lee is a third-year at the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in journalism and minoring in German. She is currently an event planing and digital media intern for B*Tru Arts and teaches a singing and songwriting class at Reilly Elementary School. Growing up, Lee always loved to sing and was active in choir at church and school. She also played cello for 7 years and taught herself guitar while in college. She is passionate about competition performances and has participated in the Texas All-Region orchestras and choirs since middle school. Her interest in journalism started in high school when one of her teachers encouraged her to take an advanced photography class and be part of the yearbook staff, which ultimately led Lee to choose to major in journalism. She hopes to pursue a career in digital media as a content creator or editor.

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Darlesia Carter
Arts Administrator

Darlesia Carter is a Houston Native who currently attends the University of Texas at Austin, studying BFA: Acting and Arts Administration. Her recent credits include The Crucible, In The Red and Brown Water, and the Frontera Fest. She plans to pursue film acting in Los Angeles while working with non-profit arts organizations in underserved communities. Then she plans to take her talents to Law School where she hopes to pursue Entertainment Law. Darlesia is elated to be a part of B*Tru.