B*Tru Arts announces Loyal II The Soil: Back-To-School Arts and Eco Festival

B*Tru Arts will host the Loyal II The Soil: Back-To-School Arts and Eco Festival on Saturday, August 22, 2015, at Casa De Luz from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Loyal II The Soil aims to connect artistic creation with renewable resources to instill an environmental awareness in youths. The festival will feature family oriented activities, including back-to-school arts and crafts using recyclable materials, dance and acting performances, and local entertainment. Guests are encouraged to bring recycled materials to use in the arts and crafts and to be re-purposed at the event.

During the festival, B*Tru Arts will be hosting a silent auction of unique local goods and services. Attendance is free to the general public, and all proceeds benefit Austin performing arts and education. Parking is available, but carpooling, biking and walking is encouraged.

Join the earth friendly movement with B*Tru Arts and help celebrate the end of summer with live entertainment, “make it, take it” crafts, and supporting local artists.


5pm: Back-to-School Arts and Crafts (Auditorium)

PEACE BUILDING through Arts, Science and Education.
 Presented by Anyah Dishon, Director Awesmic City Expo 2015 (Serena Room)

6pm: Interactive Activities for kids: Repurposing recyclables for skit props, sets and musical instruments (Auditorium)

Presentation on soils for parents by George Altgelt, a microbiologist and founder of Geo Growers, LLC (Serena Room)

7pm: Student Performances with repurposed recyclables (Auditorium)