Nine-year-old Kiara Leigh Jaroszewski is an aspiring actress and dancer. She has been attending acting
and dance classes under the direction of Aisha Melhem of B*Tru Arts Academy. Kiara Leigh has had
many opportunities to showcase her talents including performing at B*Tru Arts Academy’s annual
Inspiro Fest and Student Showcase. She’s appeared as an extra for the My Jerusalem’s music video
called “No One Gonna Give You Love” as well as in a UT Grad Student film called “Bad Things.” In addition,
she played the role of Jessica in the UT Student short film, Pixie Sticks. Kiara Leigh recently enjoyed
participating in the filming of The Dance of Oneness dvd for One Love Rising.
Outside of dance and acting, Kiara Leigh is involved in athletic pursuits including soccer and baseball. She
enjoys hiking and kayaking. She loves road trips around the United States and travelling outside the country.
Finally, she loves cooking, reading and painting.