Inspiro Fest Raffle Prizes

Aligned Bliss is the wellness studio is where they focus on alignment through pilates and wellness exercises to open and rehabilitate the body and mind. They are giving away a 60 minute private pilates session and take home exercises

B*Tru Arts is giving away a month of free private dance or acting classes (worth $60 for kids/$150 for adults).

Great Nails is giving away a gift certificate for the value of one manicure. 

KSSOLiFe is a lifestyle brand that focuses on the core values of family, respect, equality, self expression, and love. They are giving away two bamboo sunglasses (each worth $120) and a KSSO t-shirt (worth $20). 

Table to Farmer is mobile education focused on connecting individuals with their local food and farmers and assisting families to become sustainable (growing their own food/medicine) in their communities. Turning everyone into farmers. They will be interviewing individuals across the city--getting to know the ways to get everyone involved in sustainable life movement- building community gardens and cross-marketing/promoting going local and being sustainable. They are offering 1 interview and 1 home garden planted.