Inspiro Fest Feature: Grace London

Another performer for Inspiro Fest 2016 is Grace London (check out Though she may still be in high school, she is already taking the music world by storm, and performed at ACL and SXSW. B*TRU asked her some questions to find out even more.  

B: Where are you from?

GL: Born and raised here in Austin, Texas!


B: How did you get into music/get started?

GL: I've loved singing all my life, but I started getting relatively serious about music when I was 7 and started classical guitar lessons. I had a great teacher, and we started working on covers and building up my skills, and I then evolved into writing my own music and performing seriously within a few years!


B: How would you describe your music?

GL: It's a little hard to describe because I feel like my sound is constantly changing as I evolve as an artist, but right now I'd say it's singer-songwriter based in the storytelling sense and more indie-folk-pop with a little bit of lofi and grunge influence.


B: What would you like to be doing in ten years?

GL: Since I'm still just a junior in high school, I really have no idea what I'll end up doing in 10 years! I'm hoping to go to university, hopefully in New York, for songwriting and production and hopefully pursue a career in songwriting for myself and other people while also continuing to create my own music and art. I'm also interested in music journalism and possibly working for or starting my own label at some point! Who knows, though?


B: What are some interesting facts about you?

GL: I don't have much time for being interesting, unfortunately, between juggling public school and music! My favorite show ever made is Seinfeld and I have two dogs named Brutus and Lucky who I love more than anything in the world.


B: Who are your biggest influences in music?

GL: Elliott Smith is probably my biggest influence as a songwriter, and I'm really aesthetically influenced by Beck and St. Vincent. I'm also super into Frankie Cosmos, King Krule, and Porches right now.


See Grace London’s performance and join B*TRU ARTS for the 4th Annual Inspiro Fest, 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday, June 4 at Spiderhouse Ballroom, 2908 Fruth St, Austin, TX 78705.