WE Unify Concert Feature: John Burgess

WE Unify Concert is quickly approaching and B*Tru Arts has been speaking with some of our performers who will be joining us on September 21st, the day of the concert. 

John Burgess, a ceremony leader, archeologist, and the director of Community Healing Circle, spoke to us about his work, beliefs and shared some fun facts about himself. John will lead the opening ceremony at WE Unify Concert.

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Inspiro Fest Feature: R.C. Cat

Inspiro Fest 2016 is quickly approaching—our fourth annual festival will feature musical performances, films, vendors, a dance competition and more –B*TRU ARTS has been speaking with some of our performers who will be joining us on June 4th, the day of the festival.  

R.C. Cat, a group made up of Connor McCampbell, Julio Correa, Aaron Chavez and Mitchell “Mitch” Webb, spoke to us about their music, the group’s future, and shared some fun facts about themselves.

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SXSW: B*Tru Arts' Top Picks for Performers and Films

SXSW brings together a number of musical acts and local talents to Austin every year. Both big and small name talents grace the multiple stages and venues around Austin for your viewing pleasure. While there are numerous musical acts, there is also the film interactive that introduces you to short films with varying topics. With the hundreds of things to see this past week , it can be hard to remember all of the exciting performers and films. Here are some of our favorites.

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5 Arts & Culture Events in Austin this Holiday Season

The weather is crisping, and the holiday season is approaching, which means you’ll be looking for ways to entertain out-of-towners and kids on their days off from school. Austin has you covered with plenty to do, from luminariums to art exhibits.

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