Inspiro Fest Silent Auction Items

FluorEssence - Natural Crystal LED-lit Lamp (Valued at $100)

Aloha Southwest - Handmade Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets, Pendants, and Rings with semi-precious stones, glass, and other media (Valued at $50-100)

Desert Flower Designers - Two sets of Rainbow/Aurora Quartz Crystal Spike Hoop Earrings - (Valued at $50)

Less is morE Jewelry - A necklace made of gold filled chain, gold plated charms, and semi-precious beads (Valued at $50)

Rock Starr Designs - Quartz Crystal Turquoise Gypsy Necklace (Valued at $50)

Emmanuel - 9X10 Watercolor Painting (Valued at $50)

Conscious Minds - 1 Hour Session in Sound Healing Chamber (Valued at $150)

Crystal Wizard - Quartz Sphere (Valued at $50)

Guild of the Silent Sword - Training Package (Black Plastic Training Sword ($30), Black Plastic Training Knife ($20), Free Month of Training ($75), 2 Training Videos, Basic and Advanced ($30) (Valued at $155)

A Tiny Little Triangle - Handmade Vintage Dreamcatcher (Valued at $55)

Street Forge Armory - Asiatic Composite ‘style’ Bow that was used by the nomads of the eurasian steppe. 

Orgone Vortex - Orgone Pyramid that promotes grounding, expression, and connection to higher states of being (Valued at $65)

Emily Collins - Handmade Guitar String Jewelry Set - earrings, bracelet, ring (Valued at $75)

Stonewolf Warehouse - 23" necklace with triangular brass pendant, 4.5" in length on brass chain (Valued at $50)

Hippy Healings - Gift Certificate for 30 Minute Massage and Leather Belt Bag (Valued at $35 for massage, $40 for bag)


All items will have a starting bid equal to half of their valued price.

Inspiro Fest Raffle Prizes

Barton Springs Bike Rental - 2 all-day bike rentals (Valued at $75 each)

Great Out Dogs - Gift Certificate (Valued at $30)

Peter Pan Mini-Golf - Gift Certificate for 4 people for an 18-hole game 

JuiceLand - Gift Certificate (Valued at $15)

Capital Cruises - Gift Certificate for 2-6 person private sunset/bat watching cruise (Valued at $130)