Our Mission

B*Tru Arts aims to make a positive impact upon the greater Austin community by creating and providing immersive experiences in the arts. B*Tru Arts carries out its mission by holding public events and showcases, providing high-quality arts education, expanding performance opportunities for local artists and assisting local artists in the production of their works. B*Tru Arts serves to strengthen the local artistic community through hands-on support, artistic and cultural diversity, formal education and interaction with the public.

What We Do 

B*Tru Arts is a multi-cultural, nonprofit, performance production company that offers training and services to the public and to local artists, with a focus on dance, acting, visual arts and film. The Academy X*TRA is an after-school performing arts program intended to enrich the curriculum of local schools (both public and private) by providing affordable, pre-professional classes in dance, acting and visual arts for students who are looking to explore and develop their creative and expressive selves. Through the Youth Pre-Professional Performing Arts Program, B*Tru Arts educates and prepares young artists for professional careers in the performing arts through classes, showcase performances and audition opportunities. The B*Tru Arts Professional Talent Management division represents local performers of all ages with a variety of skill sets, including actors, dancers, musicians, DJs, voice actors and comedians. Finally, B*Tru Arts Production Services provide affordable photography, videography, performance, choreography and screenwriting services to the community.

Through B*Tru Arts general assistance programs, we work with local artists to raise awareness of current global, communal and social issues by experimenting with visual, physical and spiritual art through dance, theater and film. We support artists and art that helps awaken human consciousness and significantly adds to the efforts of preserving artistic culture in Austin, Texas.